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Today, people know that solar WORKS ....but they don't know HOW .

MOST IMPORTANTLY ....​ people want someone they can trust to help them get maximum value for their solar dollar – (NOT a company that takes maximum dollar for their solar!)

THAT'S why we created SOLARHAWK - we work for YOU.

     HOW TO "WIN" 

At SOLARHAWK, our customers FIRST learn everything they need to know about the utility “game” – and how to win with Solar. Only then can we help you personalize a program for your family’s unique lifestyle and connect you to the team that will maximize your value with complete peace of mind.


Solar is a "No Brainer..."
...IF it’s done RIGHT.

In our experience, we have seen that there are certain key elements
that are CRUCIAL to any quality solar project in order to ensure lasting
performance, maximum benefits and create peace of mind for customers.

At SOLARHAWK, all our teams must meet these standards:

First and foremost - you need energy for your home.
Secondly, you want your equipment to produce what you need for as long as possible.
Third, you want to spend the least amount of money to achieve these goals.

At SOLARHAWK, YOUR goal is OUR goal.

Top Quality Equipment

The only way to meet this standard is to find the top quality equipment that will produce
the energy you need for the longest period of time. You've probably heard the expression,
"you get what you pay for." CHEAP equipment doesn't last and ultimately costs MORE
in the long run when you have to replace it.

SOLARHAWK projects are ONLY constructed with top-quality equipment that will guarantee the production you need for the longest period of time. Because of our relationships with manufacturers and operations teams, we can assure our customers that they will pay the least amount of money to get the most amount of energy.

Fully-Licensed Craftsmen

SOLARHAWK projects are ONLY constructed by top-quality teams comprised of both C10 (Electrical Contractors) AND C39 (Roofing Contractors) craftsmen. Very few companies hold this distinction, which is why we are so proud and confident about our work.

In California, if a homeowner hires an unlicensed contractor and something goes wrong, they have no legal recourse. Few, if any, unlcicensed individuals have a bond or worker’s compensation insurance, so homeowners can be liable for far more than they expected.

More importantly, The CSLB (Contractor’s State License Board) says

OUR customers are guaranteed top quality equipment and expert construction, which is the only way to create lasting performance and the strong base of customers we have built over the years.

Commitment to Your Home

At SOLARHAWK, our customers receive a 25 Year Manufacturer’s Performance Guarantee to ensure optimal function of your equipment.

SOLARHAWK also provides our customers with an Industry-Leading Roof Warrantee.

Most importantly, SOLARHAWK is proud to offer our customers a Premuim Roof Service Plan Created specifically for SOLARHAWK customers, this offering is unique in the residential solar industry and exclusive to SOLARHAWK customers.


Beyond these crucial elements that guarantee your lasting quality, certain teams are better suited for particular homes based on your utility, roof work needed, your home’s power potential and usage needs. These factors come in to play when determining the team that will best serve your family.


Because of our unique relationship with the operations teams we consider to be worthy of your business, we are able to command an unbeatable rate to put them to work for you.


The most important aspect of your entire SOLARHAWK experience is the quality of our Service.

At SOLARHAWK, you always have a trusted Energy Consultant, a dedicated Account Manager and a Customer Care Team behind you at all times. We are in contact with you every step of the way and accessible to you 7 days a week from the moment we meet!

In addition, you have access to your account online so that you can be updated on your project’s status at any time.

THAT is why SOLARHAWK was born - we work for YOU. Once under our wing, we take care of you as long as the sun shines on your roof!