Steve is the one individual that made sense when we sat down with him. We had been through a few solar power presentations but none of them really fit in with our finances, which for us is everything.

After listening to Steve and expressing our concerns to him, his common sense way of explaining how solar could help us made our decision to go with him pretty easy. It is a decision we haven't regretted for one minute.

After committing to solar, Steve maintained contact with us to ensure all went well for us; his interest was genuine. Congratulations on your new venture Steve, we know you'll succeed!

Greg & Blanca P.

Dear Steve,

It has been a pleasure to know you and have benefited by your ability to serve us. We know that your new endeavor will be a great way to give your gift to even more people. Blessings,

Marilynn K.
Hacienda Heights

So many solar companies had called and knocked on my door, but it wasn’t until I met Steve that I saw what I was missing. He made it simple and got me excited to go solar.

Geoff & Sandy W.

My daughter and son-in-law living in Monrovia, CA, worked with Steve Hochman when they decided to go solar with their home and advised me of tremendously positive results - and Steve's professional attitude. My youngest daughter in San Bernardino later decided it was time to get a solar system for their home, Based on the experience with Steve in the past my only call for the San Bernardino home was to reach out to Steve.

After many rescheduled meetings (we live in NY and had to cancel several trips) we finally got to see Steve, who was kind enough to drive all the way out to San Bernardino to see us. We quickly came to an investment decision and are looking forward to an installation in early 2017. Stay tuned for a subsequent testimonial advising of excellent results with the San Bernardino solar installation also!

Gil H.
Upstate New York

I’ve referred all of my friends to him. When you find someone you can trust, who knows his craft and really cares, you’re excited to refer your friends and family. Steve’s the best.

Bill & Penny S.
Rancho Cucamonga

Because of some complications with our roof (asbestos and electrical issues), our process took over a year but Steve was steady the whole time. He went out of his way to find us the experts we needed to conduct the intricate work needed. He also helped me avoid over paying for things I didn’t need. He’s part of the family.

Wayne & Melinda S.

Very straightforward. He has a great way of making analogies that make things very clear. I am really excited that I went solar and that Steve helped us do it.

Alan & Marcy D.
Simi Valley

I was about to go with another company when Steve showed me what I was really getting into. I trusted him from the start because he really seemed to care about me and my family. His presentation was incredible - it was fun and much more informative than anything else I had heard. I was also very impressed that he was able to win my wife over as well.

Steve wound up saving us much more money, preventing me from entering into a huge mistake and now I own my power!

Steve & Kim M.
San Diego

I know that I can be very hard on salesmen but Steve showed a lot of patience with us and earned my trust. I had him out to the house several times because I was confused but he always walked me through the process and had to explain things over and over but I was able to understand everything.

Jay & Maxine L.

As a contractor, it takes a lot to impress me. I wasn't going solar unless I did it myself, but there was something about Steve that made me listen to him.

From presentation to design and construction, I knew exactly what to expect and the work was done on time with quality. I know how hard it is to stay on top of customers and what really stood out for me was how well Steve did that through the whole process.

I send all my customers to Steve when they want solar.

Jeff & Tina G.

I was impressed with his professionalism. He had such a thorough knowledge of the process. Because my roof was tricky, he made sure to get their specialist to work on my job and it came out great.

Ryan & Stacy W.