Almost twenty years ago, I came to L.A. with a dream to inspire, educate and improve people's lives.....

Obviously, I had a lot to learn.


For over 12 years, I developed lots of exciting tv series about amazing people who defied great odds to achieve their dreams. As a producer, I defied some odds myself. But it wasn’t until I began developing a docu-series about "The Waterkeepers." run by Robert Kennedy Jr, that I actually discovered my passion.

I was so impressed with the work of these brilliant, courageous and tireless “eco warriors” that I fought harder than ever to get their message out and on the screen. After hundreds of hours of interviews, research and development, and dozens of pitches to networks, it looked like my dream was actually coming true - we were getting "green lit" from my favorite network!

But when the world economy took an historic downturn at the end of 2007, all bets were off. No networks were buying anything and we were out of resources. I was devastated...

Throughout my research, however, I had learned that "clean" renewable energy (residential solar power) was becoming available to homeowners in California for about the same rate as "dirty," fossil-fuel energy (utility power) and I was given a new opportunity...

Making a sudden career change was scary, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover how my Production experience and passion for Renewable Energy translated into a new line of work...

Within a week, I had my first solar customer!


Over the past 6 years, I have been fortunate enough to be welcomed into many homes and even more fortunate to have earned the trust of hundreds of families who have allowed me to give them the greatest gift that I can offer: SOLAR POWER!

My customers are saving money right away...and because they don’t pay rate increases anymore, they’re savings get BIGGER every year!

My customers who have moved, saved lots of money in their solar-powered homes, then turned a profit when they sold their homes for a premium to happy buyers who now power their home for FREE!

My customers with kids are setting a proud example by keeping thousands of tons of carbon from poisoning our air and water supply.

Ironically – it took ending my dream to actually achieve it!