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Why are almost
A THOUSAND FAMILIES A DAY going Solar in California...?

     FOR YOUR BUCK     


You NEED Energy for your home....

At SOLARHAWK, you pay the LEAST amount of money for energy for the rest of your Life....
...because you OWN your Power!

IF you are one of the few, fortunate homeowners who can afford an upfront CASH PURCHASE ... then your Return on Investment is ENORMOUS!

IF you are like the VAST MAJORITY of solar owners who are FINANCING their Solar ... then you'll Invest LESS PER MONTH TO OWN your
Power than what you're ALREADYCOMMITTED TO "RENTING" from the Utility.

...and that's just the BEGINNING of your benefits...



How much money would you have saved if you were STILL paying a dollar a gallon for gas?

(Do you have any idea how much your Electricity rates go up every year? Take a look...)

At SOLARHAWK, your rates NEVER go up again! ​



  What if...after paying a dollar a gallon for gas
(and saving ALL that money)
You now OWN the gas station -
and your gas is FREE!!!

At SOLARHAWK, you're not only spending LESS for Electricity every month - with NO rate hikes - but you are actually OWNING the source of your Power

But that’s still not even HALF of what solar will do for you...

   (aka "FLIP THE SCRIPT")  

 FACT:    Your electric bill is a home EXPENSE

 FACT:    Your solar system is an ASSET that builds home EQUITY.

When you go solar, the utility literally considers your home a "generating facility"
​​According to Realtor magazine , solar homes sell for $4/watt more than comparable non-solar homes.

So….given the fact that you can take the money you are ALREADY spending on your electric bill, and….

1 . Put tens of thousands of dollars BACK into your pocket over time,

2. Re-route the rest of your home expense costs into an ASSET that increases the value of your home,

3. Build EQUITY with each monthly payment, and, eventually...

4. Create FREE power for your family…

Why would you ever CHOOSE to keep giving your money away to the utility?

With solar, you take your “rent money” back out of the “trash” and put it to work for you as a money-making investment that will pay you back – over and over – for the next 35 years… ​

THAT’s why solar is a "No Brainer"
And THAT’s why nearly a thousand families a day are going solar in California!


Have you ever thought about what you’re leaving behind?
Unfortunately, most of the Utility's energy comes from oil, coal and natural gas.

Oil and Coal spew thousands of tons of poisonous by-products into our air supply and spill thousands more tons of poison into our water supply every year!

Natural Gas is cleaner, but the process is also hazardous. Fracking pumps thousands of tons of poisonous chemicals into natural gas deposits. It also uses millions of gallons of our precious – and currently limited – water supply. This process can – and does – discharge those poisonous chemicals into the earth's core, which ultimately seaps into our farmlands and our groundwater resevoirs.

Fortunately, the sun doesn't do ANY of that...

Solar emits no pollution and you can feel good that all you’re leaving behind for your children and your grand-children is a clean energy power plant that will be FREE by the time they move into your house!